Popular lesbian, Amara, in tears as she clashes with her mother over her sexuality

Popular Amara, a Nigerian lesbian, was in tears after a verbal spat with her mother about her sexuality.

Amara’s mother is heard blaming her for the discrimination she faces as a result of Amara’s sexuality in a post captured by Amara.

Amara was also to responsible, according to the mother, for causing people to point fingers at her.

Amara, on the other hand, informs her mother that she is not a “sin” because she is a lesbian, and that it is not her fault if Nigerians are prejudiced.

“Mummy, I’m finished.” I’ve exhausted my options. “Honestly,” Amara adds, her eyes welling up with tears, clearly moved by the discourse.

“I’m not a sin,” she adds. It’s not that I’m a bad person. I’m not the issue.

“Please accept my heartfelt apologies. I’m sorry if you’re being blamed, but it’s not my responsibility.”

Amara is a well-known Nigerian LGBTQ activist who has previously stated that she is not a sin. Her sexuality has caused her to be stigmatized on several occasions.

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