After his fiancée of 8 years asked to explore the slay queen lifestyle, he was left heartbroken.

After his fiancée of eight years wanted to explore more alternatives in her life as a single person, a young man screams out for help.

According to an anonymous post posted by an estranged lover on the verge of losing his best buddy to worldly pursuits, his girlfriend given the choice of breaking their relationship.

Read his post below;

“My gf and I have been together for 8 years. We always loved each other and planned to get married, she has always been happy about this. All of a sudden, she said she doesn’t want me anymore, she wants to explore and be single. She wants to live a slay queen lifestyle basically to get material things from different men. She had always been a good girl all the while we dated, but there’s a sudden intense attitude in her that shows that she doesn’t love me anymore. She under 23 btw.What would you all advice me to do?”

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