“I’ll pay your groom price if you accept to marry me in my shrine” – Female herbalist tells men

A tempting proposal has been made by a female herbalist to guys who want to get married by the end of the year but don’t have the financial wherewithal to do so.

Precious Gift Amarachi revealed on her Facebook page that she is willing to pay a guy’s groom price and cover all other expenses, but only under certain conditions.

According to the traditionalist, whomever agrees must be willing to marry her at her temple and under water.

The spiritualist, on the other hand, emphasized that she is the lovely lady who is proud to sell her soul to the Devil.

Amarachi wrote; ”If you are A guy Looking for a Wife to marry this December and u don’t have money,

Well worry no more because I got your back

I will pay ur groom price and everything all u have to do is To accept to Marry me in my Shrine.

Our wedding will hold in the Shrine and inside water.

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