Ghanaian man allegedly kills girlfriend, stuffs her body in fridge

Police are looking for Frank, who is suspected of killing his fiancée and stuffing her body in a refrigerator in Ho-Fiave, Ghana’s Volta Region.

On Monday, November 22, the Volta Refional Police PRO, DSP Efia Tenge, verified the event, saying that police in Ho received a wired report about a stink from the suspect’s chamber with flies flying about the door and windows.

The resident of the room’s neighbors had been expecting Frank, the tenant, to return home, but he had not.

As a result, they broke into the room on Monday to figure out what was causing the odor.

When they entered the room, they discovered a body put inside a double-decker refrigerator.

The deceased identified as Lizzy is believed to be Frank’s girlfriend, who was the room’s tenant.

When the police learned about the situation, they dispatched crime scene investigators to the scene. They realized the stench was caused by the body in the refrigerator after a thorough investigation of the crime scene.

The body was sent to the Ho Municipal Hospital morgue after it was discovered in an advanced condition of decay in the white double-decker refrigerator. It’s being autopsied right now.

Meanwhile, a manhunt is underway to find and apprehend the alleged killer’s partner.

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