Afia Schwarzenegger Exposes Popular Lesbian In Her DM Begging To ‘Eat’ Her (SCREENSHOTS)

Afia Schwarzenegger, a loudmouth media personality, has publicly exposed a purported lesbian lady in her Instagram DM seeking to be her lesbian lover.

This is based on screenshots she posted on social media that appear to show her conversing with the suspected lesbian.

Afia claims that she doesn’t require the services of a lesbian in her life because she gets everything she needs from her husband, including everything a woman can provide.

After sharing one of her cheeky images showing off the skin on Instagram, the lady stated her sentiments and interest towards Schwar.

Meanwhile, Afia Schwar was recently seen on camera passionately kissing Shugatiti, a popular Instagram model and n#dist.

Schwar was heard telling her putative goddaughter not to date broke men and to make excellent use of her body in a nice video. Schwarzenegger had locked lips with Shugatti and was thoroughly enjoying himself before we even recognized it.

That, I assumed, drew a lesbian in search of a partner to her, but Schwar has declined her offer.Check out a screenshot below

Check out a screenshot below

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