10-year-old Boy Writes Love Letter to His Primary School Crush

A 10-year-old boy’s love letter which he reportedly wrote to a girl he’s crushing on in his primary school has surfaced on social media.

The love letter was shared online by the elder brother of the little girl and recipient of the love letter known as Confidence.

The elder brother read out the letter to his friends as it was captured on tape. They found the love letter amusing especially because the boy promised to spend money on his crush known as Confidence.

The letter reads; “Dear Confidence it is me who sent a boy to you yesterday night. The first day I saw you which is yesterday, I like your attitude and your behaviour.

You are very beautiful. I want me and you to be dating ourselves. If you agree I will spend a lot of money on you. I really like you. I like you to the extreme of time. I love you so much thank you”.

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