“My Husband Almost Killed Me With Serious Beating Because I Mistakenly Slapped Him During a Little Quarrel”- Lady Cries Out

Mama Tony (also known as Iron Lady) has called for the authorities to come to her rescue after her husband nearly killed her with a severe beating after she accidentally smacked him during a minor disagreement.

She told the officers at the ibusa police station in the oshimili north local government area of Delta State, Nigeria. Her husband was a dipsomaniac (an uncontrollable drunkard) who spent all of his money on his pals while she and her children couldn’t afford to eat twice a day.

Tony and Monica are the children of Mama Tony, who is 30 years old, and Mr Stephen, who is 41 years old. They live in Ochei Estate in the Ogboli quarters.

According to neighbors, this was not the first time Mr tony was seen beating his wife. Sometimes he beats both her and children and warns neigbours not to interfer in his family matters. Narrating what led to the latest incident that made her run to the police.
Mama Tony Said;

“This is not the first time my husband is beating me Mercilessly, sometimes after beating me he will call the kids out and flog them at their buttocks with his belt for siding with their mother. Yesterday he came back drunk and dirty, I figured he must have had so much drink that he only managed to walk him home and he must have fallen into a road-side gutter on hid way home.

While at the gate, I told him I couldn’t allow him enter the house like that, that it would be a disgrace to appear like that in front of his kids.

I told him that since it’s late already, he would have to bath outside first before entering the house. He refused and insisted with his barely audible voice that he must enter the house whether I like it or not.

He was smelling and irritating, so when he tried to push me out of the way I pushed him back, and slapped him. I then started crying and asking him why he has decided to bring shame to our family. And that was how he started beating me, he is a very strong man, and so I couldn’t even escape from his grip. It was after beating me and punching me for close to ten minutes that neighbors came to my rescue. I didn’t dare sleep in the house, because he would have started another round of beating. I slept in one of my neighbors room.”

She added that;

“The police should come to the rescue of her and her child and call her husband to order, before he kills her one day eventually.” It was on the advisement of the neighbor she passed the night at his place that she went to the police to report the incident.

The public relations officer at the police have promised to get to the root of the matter and make sure the husband is called to order.

However, he cautioned the woman to be more careful next time and that no Matter what happen she should never raise her hands to slap her husband ever again.

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