After taking a drink from another man, her companion abandoned her at a pub, leaving her in shock.

A woman known on Twitter as @BApplebelly professed surprise after her spouse abandoned her at a bar after she took a drink from a stranger.

The lady, who seemed perplexed by her partner’s fury, inquired as to if she had done anything wrong by accepting the drink, insisting that it was merely a gesture of kindness with no strings attached.

Narrating the experience she wrote;

“This man left me at the bar because a random man I don’t know and never have talked to in my life sent me a shot to our table. He literally got up and left me here. 

He said “Is this what the f*ck we’re doing” and got up, went to the bar area, talked to the bartender, then walked out the door and never came back. And the thing is, the man who sent the drink was old…”

Read the rest of the story below:

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