“Set aside ego, let’s help Nigerians” – Davido tells colleague

Davido, a well-known Nigerian artist, has urged his peers in the entertainment world to put their egos aside and aid Nigerians in need.

Davido mentioned this in a recent video while explaining why he donated N250 million to Nigerian orphans.

People advised him to keep the money for himself, but he decided to donate it because some people needed it more than he did.

In the video, he said: “To my colleagues in the industry, let’s put our ego aside and see how we can help our people.

“I’m thinking of a fundraising event in Nigeria, so all my colleagues and fellow musicians imagine if we could all come out and do this it would be amazing.

“ I wouldn’t say I don’t need the money, I mean it’s a lot but there are more people that need it more than me.”

Davido went further to reveal that he questioned himself sometimes about his lifestyle of giving but these past few days have shown him it’s worth it to be good.

“I used to question myself like, is being a good person even worth it? People always questioned me for being too nice and accessible to people and it got to a point I started thinking about it but these past few days have shown me that no be by mouth,” Davido said.

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