Lady Poured Acid on Boyfriend While Asleep, Sentenced to 14-years Imprisonment (Photos)

After falsely believing he was having an affair, a jealous woman showered her sleeping boyfriend with acid and then assaulted him a second time while he was lying wounded.

Esther Afrifa, 28, was sentenced to 14 years in prison after purchasing a litre of sulfuric acid online and leaving it by her bedside, ready to attack Kelvin Pogo, 29, at their home in Wembley, north London.

Following the first incident, Afrifa went to great measures to prevent Mr Pogo from receiving medical treatment, leaving him with life-altering injuries and suicidal thoughts.

At 3.30 a.m., Afrifa poured acid over Mr Pogo’s chest, which swiftly burned through his t-shirt, according to a trial at Harrow Crown Court.

He initially mistook his girlfriend for the perpetrator and begged her to seek assistance.

She pretended to phone 999, barred his friends from phoning, and cancelled a cab ride to the hospital that was scheduled for him.

Mr Pogo was lying on the sofa with already excruciating wounds when Afrifa struck again, spilling more acid over his face and body.

He ran from the flat screaming and was helped by a passing stranger who got him medical help.

The ex boyfriend who Afrifa wrongly believed was sleeping with a university classmate said she also tried to get him to drink acid from a Nike sports bottle but he was only saved due to his distrust of tap water since his childhood in Africa.

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