Cynthia Morgan threatens to beat up Tunde Ednut for mocking her

Cynthia Morgan, a popular singer, has threatened to assault blogger Tunde Ednut for criticizing her after Davido revealed his plan to donate his birthday fundraising to charity.

Cynthia had mocked Davido’s decision to seek financial help from friends and associates on Instagram, calling Davido’s followers “unintelligent.”

Tunde Ednut took a shot at Cynthia after Davido said that he will donate the entire crowdfunding campaign to charity.

“Just here thinking… What is Cynthia Morgan thinking right now after everything she said about Davido and the people that sent him money.

Now knowing that he has given the whole N250,000,000 to charity,” Tunde Ednut wrote.

Cynthia Morgan threatens to beat up Tunde Ednut over mockery following Davido's charity support

In reaction, Cynthia Morgan reminded the blogger of how they used to be friends and how she would not hesitate to beat him up and have him arrested.

“Be warned @mazitundeednut kids don’t play with their father’s testicles the way they play with their mother’s boobs. Gone are the days when i never bring social media war to real life. I am very different now. I not only beat you. I will arrest you and sue you for assault,” she wrote in part.

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