“She’s Always Angry Whenever I Give My Unemployed Friend Money But She Received The Same Financial Assistance From Me”- Man Narrates How He Broke Up With His Girlfriend

Michael, a young man, has described how he broke up with his girlfriend because she didn’t like how helpful he was to his friends.

The Nigerian guy explained that this occurred immediately after their NYSC program, during which they were all unemployed, but were fortunate in that his brother was providing him with $200 each month.

He claimed that everytime he goes out with his pals, he brings his girlfriend with him and frequently covers the bills because the others were short on cash.

According to him, he has given money to friends and frequently leaves tips for waiters, but his girlfriend, who was also receiving money from him, was not happy with him providing money to his pals, so he broke the relationship.

He wrote, ”I remember dating one lady immediately after NYSC, no work yet but I was balling on 200dollars monthly from my elder brother, which place I no dey catch my fun. There are times we go to this event centre where there are bars, swimming pool to chill with my gees from uni days.

We were all jobless that time and I seem to be richer financially than them. I use to hold bae along every time cos she was not also working. Each time I leave the change with either the waiter guy or give my guys money, she will just squeeze face like baboon.

I will just carry face wetin be my own “you no keep money for hand wey I use do giveaway. It was going on and on till one day that she couldn’t hold it again and said” what’s my problem, must I give my friends money, can’t they go and work “I now reminded her that she is also jobless, she said they will be dependent on me and won’t be serious with their lives. That’s when I told her that no one can do same favor forever, they also trying their best but nothing is coming forth due to d situation of tins.

She left angrily and was expecting I call her back. She didn’t know it was “o da bo oo” like that, you want to control who I give money to but you can demand every time. when my guys stop seeing her and asked me “how about that your nice gf” for my mind I was like she has condemned you guys so badly, she doesn’t even want anyone around me.

If you overlook such kinda behavior, you will just marry the lady that will chase friends and family away. That’s a redflag that shouldn’t be overlooked by guys. This same money that when you leave the world you won’t take it along.. Hian”

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