“I created a fake WhatsApp to chat my girlfriend, after telling her I’m from Dubai, she said her boyfriend was dead”- Man cries (video)

A woman failed a simple test from her lover, who set up a phony WhatsApp account and began a chat with her, asking her simple questions to test her devotion.

During the chat, he informed the lady that after seeing her photo on her Facebook status, he had obtained her phone number from one of her friends.

Then he tweeted a phony photo of himself standing next to a very expensive car, with the message claiming that he had just returned from Dubai.

That’s when she started to feel more at ease in his presence, and when he asked whether she had a partner, she vehemently stated that he was no longer living.

He was enraged by her admission, and he cursed her, saying she would never have a fulfilling life.

Watch the video below

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