BECE Female Student Defecates On Herself After Invigilator Stopped Her From Visiting The Washroom (

An invigilator allegedly blocked a young BECE female student from going to the washroom to relieve herself, causing her to crap on herself.

According to sources, the incident occurred when the invigilator refused the student’s repeated requests to use the restroom, insisting that she stay in the hall to finish her paper.

Prior to the exam, the student had been feeling ill. According to reports, she was on medicine, and several of her professors were aware of her situation.

Despite some professors’ protestations, the invigilator ignored them and insisted that the student stay to finish her exam, which resulted in her defecating on herself in the exam hall.

Until several enraged teachers interfered, the student was forced to write the exam while covered in feces.

After some of her coworkers went to her house to provide new clothes, she was whisked away to the girl’s dormitory to change her outfit.

The candidate was a Beifikrom Basic School student.

Some of the teachers who spoke with Boagyan were dissatisfied with the teacher’s actions and condemned him for humiliating the pupil.

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