Woman Arrested for Attempting to Poison Brother in Police Cell

Elizabeth Adeitan, 53, is in hot water after reportedly attempting to poison a suspect, believed to be his brother, Tobi Adeitan, who is being held in a police cell at the Lagos State Command.

Tobi, the suspect, was imprisoned at the Commissioner of Police Strike Team’s cell at the Police Headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, for an unspecified offense.

The reason for Elizabeth’s attempt to poison Tobi, who was thought to be her relative, was not revealed by the police.

Mrs. Elizabeth allegedly prepared food and slipped a black powdered material, presumed to be poison, inside the bowl of rice for Tobi to eat while he was in the police cell, according to the police.

However, the entire scheme was uncovered when Elizabeth was requested to taste the food, which she reportedly refused to do in order to persuade the on-duty police officer to give Tobi the food to eat.

The cops were alleged to be skeptical of her actions and went back to inspect the food, only to find the poisonous substance within. The woman was detained right away.

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