”Do not ever involve yourself in a tiff that doesn’t concern you”- Anita Okoye shares lessons learnt after her husband, Paul and his brother, Peter, settle their five-year rift

Anita Okoye has turned to social media to commemorate the one-year anniversary of her husband, Paul, and his twin brother, Peter.

The mother of three revealed some of the lessons she learned after the renowned brothers’ five-year feud was resolved in her post. She had written:

”Dem be 1 no be 2!! 
Happy Birthday Ejima! This is best birthday present either of you could receive!

Thank you for letting me have such a great relationship with both of you independent of your rift…I am delighted I didn’t let your coconut heads let me choose sides…

There’s a lesson here –
Do not EVER involve yourself in a tiff that doesn’t concern you AND
Don’t let social media and the opinion of those who do not matter define your situation!

Let God guide you! 

Love Wins!! 

Happy Birthday @peterpsquare & @iamkingrudy ”

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