Commercial Bus Driver Bites and Swallows Taskforce Official Member (Photos)

To avoid arrest, a commercial driver chewed off the finger of a taskforce member in Ebonyi State on Tuesday.

The taskforce member Iboko Kenneth’s finger was also devoured by the driver.

When the Ministry of Capital City Development and the taskforce team were on an inspection trip within the state capital to stop unlawful parking and loading, the event occurred at the Onuebonyi Junction in the Abakaliki metropolis.

Recall that commercial transportation businesses operating in the state were moved to Akubaraoha Central Park, a new park established by the state government, just last week.

It was also learned that the driver was one of those caught illegally loading passengers at the Onuebonyi Junction. When the taskforce attempted to apprehend him, he allegedly bit off one of their fingers.

The sufferer, on the other hand, was brought to the Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki’s emergency room.

Chief Onyekachi Nwebonyi, the Commissioner for Capital City Development, described the incidence as awful, unexpected, and barbarous while speaking with journalists in Abakaliki on Tuesday.

He said, “It is very unfortunate that a driver can attack a law officer who is trying to organise the state to the point of chopping off his finger. This is terrible, unexpected and barbaric.

“So, I want to plead with the motorists not to pull our legs because the taskforce are not weak and we do our job within the confines of the law, but for a driver to chop-off a taskforce finger is unacceptable and I assure you that we will get to the root of the matter, it will not happen again.

“We are not using force but the problem is that our people are stubborn particularly the motorists, some of them anyway. I want to commend some of the transport companies for their cooperation so far that led to the peaceful relocation of the parks within the city to the central park known as Akubaraoha Abakaliki Central Park. If you go there now, the park is very peaceful, businesses are going on, no complain.

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