American Rapper Young Dolph Shot and Killed in Memphis

Young Dolph, the rapper, was shot and died in Memphis on Wednesday afternoon, according to three independent law enforcement sources.

Maurice Hill, the proprietor of Makeda’s Butter Cookies, where the incident occurred, told FOX13 that Young Dolph, 36, stepped into the bakery to buy cookies. Someone then drove up to the bakery in South Memphis around 1 p.m. on Wednesday and shot and killed him.

When FOX13 crews arrived, Young Dolph’s Lamborghini was parked in the bakery’s parking lot.

Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., the rapper’s real name, is well-known in the Memphis neighborhood.

King of Memphis, his debut studio album, was released in 2016.

As FOX13 crews reported from the scene, a massive crowd gathered around, some people laying on the ground in tears.

Young Dolph is well known for handing out turkeys around Thanksgiving in Memphis through the Memphis Athletic Ministries charity, speaking to school children and donating money to his former high school Hamilton High School.

The Memphis Police Department said another person was with Young Dolph at the time of the shooting.

Traffic in the area is shut off. On I-40 in the area, traffic is also at a crawl.

No information about the shooter has been released by police at this point.

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