UNILORIN expels final year student who assaulted female lecturer

After being found guilty of attacking a female lecturer, Mrs Zakariyya, Salaudeen Waliu Aanuoluwa, a final year Microbiology student, was expelled from the University of Ilorin.

Last Thursday, November 11, Salaudeen, also known as Captain Walz, was detained after he beat the lecturer into a coma.

According to the student, he assaulted the instructor because she refused to assist him in waiving his necessary SIWES plan, which he was unable to complete owing to unforeseen circumstances.

He also said that he had a dream in which Mrs Zakariyya and his Level Adviser, as well as others, plotted against him.

The verdict was handed down by the Student Disciplinary Committee, where Salaudeen was arraigned on Monday, according to a statement from the University’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Kunle Akogun.

The student has been given 48 days to appeal the verdict to the Vice-Chancellor if he is unhappy with the result, according to the statement.

“Salaudeen has since been handed over to the police for further necessary action,”, Akogun added.

A letter written to Salaudeen by the University Registrar reads, “You will recall that you appeared before the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC) to defend yourself in respect of an allegation of misconduct leveled against you.

“After due consideration of all evidences before it, the Committee was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the allegation of misconduct has been established against you. It has accordingly recommended to the Vice-Chancellor, who in exercise of the power conferred on him, has directed that you Salaudeen, Waliu Aanuoluwa be expelled from the University,

“Accordingly, you are hereby expelled from the University with immediate effect.You are required to submit forthwith, all University property in your custody including your Student Identity Card to the Dean of Student Affairs or his representative and keep off the campus.

“In case you are dissatisfied with this decision, you are free to appeal to the University Council through the Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences to the Vice-Chancellor within forty-eight (48) days of the date of this letter.” 

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