Model Ordered Notorious Criminal Gang to Kill Her Husband

Ricardo Marodin was reportedly shot and killed by criminals who worked for his wife, model and influencer Camila Marodin, during their son’s birthday party on November 7.

Since the man’s death was investigated, authorities have focused their attention on his influencer wife, who was arrested on Friday in the beach town of Matinhos in Parana, Brazil.

Camila had previously told investigators that her husband was slain in a terrible instance of mistaken identity, but she is now suspected of sanctioning his murder and the deaths of two former police officers three days later.

She was allegedly apprehended on her way home from her mother’s house, where she allegedly stashed a Glock pistol, which was later discovered by police.

Colonel Barroso, a police spokesperson, said the arrest was already planned but had to be accelerated following the deaths of Ricardo and former police officers Thiago Cesar Carvalho and Guilherme Antonio da Costa, who were killed three days after Ricardo in the Cajuru neighborhood of Curitiba, Parana state capital.

“The Military Police started Operation Ostentacao (Ostentation), which followed investigations and follow-ups carried out by the Military Police’s intelligence branch over the course of nearly a year.”

“We discovered about BRL 1.3 million in financial payments in Camila’s account during our investigation” (GBP 177,481).

According to the news site Em Tempo, a court ordered the money in Camila’s account to be frozen, as well as 13 properties for BRL 3 million (GBP 409,800) thought to be owned by the criminal group.

Officers also seized a motorcycle and five luxury cars, including two Audis, a Honda, a Chevrolet Camaro, and a Porsche.

The police also seized 39 guns as well as BRL 120,000 (£16,394) in cash.

Ricardo Marodin was shot and killed in the city of Pinhais last week at the end of his son’s fourth birthday party.

According to reports, four armed suspects arrived in a silver Volkswagen Voyage and fired multiple shots at Ricardo, who died on the spot.

On the morning of 10th November, the two former cops were shot dead by gunmen in a silver Volkswagen Voyage, possibly the same one used in Ricardo’s shooting.

Homicide investigator Tito Barichello said the crimes could be related, as Ricardo and Thiago knew each other.

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