Man strips and masturbates in airport as he screams it’s a free world

A Minneapolis man has been charged with stripping naked to masturbate at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, then assaulting and threatening to kill a TSA employee.

Frank Towers, 44, was seen yelling that he was going to kill a TSA employee and swinging a stanchion line post before throwing it at them at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport in the United States on Friday morning, November 12.

Officers instructed the man to come to a halt and move aside, but he refused “I didn’t have to come to a halt… It’s a free country, after all “, according to KSTP reports.

The officers repeated their commands for the man to stop, but he didn’t comply, so they tased him as he kept advancing towards them, swinging his arms and trying to hit an officer.

Officers successfully detained the man until backup arrived and he was taken into custody.

Man strips and masturbates in airport as he screams ?it?s a free country?

Upon review of the airport’s surveillance video, the 44-year-old was seen punching and headbutting TV screens, before taking off his clothes and masturbating.

He then proceeded to get dressed again and threw a chair, before approaching the TSA employees.

Towers was charged in Hennepin County District Court Friday with fourth-degree assault against a peace officer and threats of violence, both of which are felonies. The charges note there are separate criminal cases pending against Towers, all either assault to domestic assault allegations stemming from Olmsted County.

In the Olmsted County cases, Towers is accused of: Throwing a knife at a roommate then hitting him with a hammer on April 4, 2020, then telling investigators he “should have killed” the victim; on May 19, 2018, hitting a house guest on the side of the head with a hammer, then throwing items at responding officers on the scene, including a fire extinguisher; spitting on, then later throwing urine-soaked toilet paper at, deputies while he was being held in Olmsted County Jail in June of 2018.

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