A 16 year old girl allegedly raped by 400 men in India

A 16-year-old girl said she was raped hundreds of times by hundreds of men in the last six months, prompting the arrest of at least seven males in western India.

According to CWC chairman Abhay Vitthalrao Vanave, the girl, who was homeless, told India’s Child Welfare Committee (CWC) on November 11 that she was raped by 400 individuals in Maharashtra’s Beed district.

The minor also mentioned two police officers in her complaint.

Three males allegedly pushed the girl into sex labor while she was begging for money at a bus stop.

While authorities may find it difficult to determine or establish the number of alleged rapists, the girl could identify at least 25 suspected assailants.

While authorities may find it difficult to determine or establish the number of accused rapists, Vanave believes the girl may identify at least 25 of them.

According to Vanave, the girl attempted to file a police complaint against a guy she accused of assaulting her, but cops failed to register it.

The agency stated in a statement Monday, November 15, that it had filed charges against eight guys, including one minor, for rape and violating the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, which carries harsher penalties and longer prison sentences.

They’ve also filed a complaint under the Child Marriage Prohibition Act.

According to the police statement, the girl also informed authorities she was married off at the age of 13 to a 33-year-old man who sexually abused her.

She also informed police that her father had sexually molested her, forcing her to flee both homes and sleep at a bus stop.

Yogita Bhayana, a women’s rights activist, called it “the most sad (rape) case in history.”

She said that this girl was tortured every day and that the police had failed to protect her. We demand that all of the perpetrators be held accountable.

In India, the National Crime Records Bureau reported more than 28,000 cases of alleged rape against women in 2020, one every 18 minutes.

Experts believe the real number is much higher as many go unreported out of fear.

In September this year, police arrested 33 men for the alleged gang rape of a 15-year-old girl in Maharashtra.

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