‘You’re Divorced But You’re Still Wearing Your Ring’ – Social Media User Asks Ned Nwoko’s Ex-Wife, Laila

Laila Nwoko, Ned Nwoko’s ex-wife, has been asked why she is still wearing her wedding ring despite the fact that she is no longer married by an inquisitive social media user.

This query was posed by a social media user in response to a recent post by the stunning Moroccan on the popular social media network, Instagram.

It may be noted that Laila openly announced her divorce from Ned Nwoko a few weeks ago, and she even requested that people stop discussing about her marriage to Ned Nwoko.

Many people expected her to take off her ring, but she didn’t, prompting the social media user to pose the question.

Upon seeing the recent photos, the social media wrote;

“Your divorce but you still wearing the ring”

She decided to ignore this social media user, however, other social media users also shared their thoughts and here are some of the reactions;

i_am_ama – @myrakalonda don’t mind her

chiagozieezekwe – @myrakalonda Separated and divorced are 2 different things. I don’t think their divorce is finalized

marikhan1 – @myrakalonda I wonder too oo 😂

anastasiaena – @myrakalonda it’s not the same ring

oluwatosin_adewoyin – @myrakalonda o ya were ni? Are you the one that sing the divorce paper? An what’s your business in their families?did Regina send you too her?

vickydoll70 – @myrakalonda Is obly legally married to the first wife that is in London. All the other 5 are just traditional/marriage ceremony.

lovely_medi – @vickydoll70 traditional marriage is marriage too.and ned is a Muslim so he needs no white wedding

vickydoll70 – @lovely_medi I agree but in order to be entitled to anything you nees to be legally married. He can give her whatever he wants to but since they are nor legally married she’s not entitle to anything . she cant sue him. Basilly its whatever she already secured when she was there ans if he really want to help her after but legally she cant divorced if they are not legally married. They can only seperate & rveryone goes. there way but cant split their wealth like in a divorce. Its whatever he wants, id he want to give her. Its going to be hard….i pray God will help her.

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