Don’t stifle your good fortune by being generous to your sweetheart but difficult to your mother — Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, an activist, has counseled men in partnerships to avoid being kind to their partners while burdening their mothers.

The former presidential assistant took to his official Instagram page to offer some of his regular advice to his followers, but this time it was aimed just for guys.

Apart from God, Reno Omokri believes that a man’s mother is the only one who can love him unconditionally.

As a result, he believes that men should avoid being generous to their loves at the expense of their own moms in order to avoid blessings.

Read his words below;

“Dear single men,

Don’t block your blessings by being generous to your lover and being onerous to your mother. Study Christ’s Life. The only person that was there from His birth to His death was His mother. NOBODY! And never get into a relationship immediately after you have been dumped. That is the worst thing you can do. Take time to heal, or you will unconsciously lower your standard to a level that will make the person who dumped you know they did the right thing!”

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