Smugglers responsible for high price of rice – Finance minister

Zainab Ahmed, Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, has attributed the country’s rising rice prices to smugglers’ actions.

In an interview, the minister explained that smuggling activities have a negative impact on Nigerians’ economy and well-being, a situation she described as unfortunate, especially because some bad Nigerians have continued to smuggle in goods and products that the government has prohibited importation.

According to the Minister, certain unpatriotic Nigerians import inferior rice into the country, some of which is not edible, and that such Nigerians sneaked such rice and distributed it throughout the country in order to make more money.

Hajiya Zainab reaffirmed the government’s efforts to combat smugglers’ activities, noting that the Nigerian Customs Service, the Police, the DSS, and others are working together to deter those damaging the economy from engaging in illegal operations.

In response to the Federal Government’s request for a new loan, Zainab stated that the government has established a system of monitoring loans for short-term durations, and that the government does not accept loans through the courts, which is fiat.

She clarified, however, that the loan request was not new, since the administration has requested the credit since the beginning of 2021.

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