Lady Cries Out For Help After Husband Filed Divorce Over Falsification Of ‘Only Two’ Past Relationships Instead Of 50+

A distressed woman on the edge of divorce seeks help when her husband discovers that she misled about her number of previous relationships.

According to the lady, she had a discussion with her husband about her previous relationships, which she claimed to have been limited to only two.

Nonetheless, when the man discovered that she had dated 18 men before to meeting him, things quickly spiraled out of control.

While narrating her ordeal, she wrote:

“Good evening . I’ve not slept in two nights. I’m crying my eyes out. I thought my husband was joking.

We got married 2years ago. When he first met me. He asked me how many guys I’ve dated and I said 2. He’s the 3rd person. But of a truth, I’ve dated far more than that and I had several fling.

We dated for 26months and got married. Everything started unfolding. Now he has discovered 18 of them. He asked me again, I don’t know how I will open up and I tell him it’s more than 50.

I can’t even remember the exact figure. He warned me to tell him the truth. That if he discovers more, he will fill for a divorce, he came back this evening and told me he has contacted his lawyer for a divorce. I should get ready. He gave me list of men I’ve dated in the past. 18 of them.

I’m so ashamed of my self. I don’t even know how to approach him. He promised he won’t use it against me. I should just tell him the truth, telling him the truth is not the issue but you know human beings can’t be trusted.”

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