South Carolina Pastor Gives Live Sermon Outside His Burning Church (Photos)

On Sunday, a pastor in South Carolina held a live sermon while filming his house burning, reminding his congregation that “God is good.”

Founder of the Grace Cathedral Ministries in Piedmont, South Carolina, ‘Apostle’ Sammy Smith, 64, live-streamed his burning home on Facebook on November 7, stating he never lost faith – just his razor.

‘I’m doing church this morning,’ the cheery pastor stated despite the flames engulfing his home. I can’t shave, despite the fact that I believed I could. It appears that I won’t be able to shave much this morning.

‘However, all I wanted was for everyone to know that God is good.’ He is bestowing blessings onto us. Everything will be OK. I usually repeat that He will find a way since we don’t always comprehend, and as I’ve previously stated, God may not place the blessing in your hand, but in your reach.’

The video, which Smith posted on Facebook, shows enormous, dark plumes of smoke pouring from the top of his house as flames overtake the top floor.

Until the Simpsonville Fire Department arrived with a much bigger and more powerful hose, his two neighbors used their lawn hoses to spray water on the upper windows where the fire started.

Even after the fire department arrived, his valiant neighbors still helped spray the house down. Other neighbors also joined the preacher in his front yard to offer support.

‘My house is on fire,’ the preacher is heard saying several times in the video. ‘Right now, it’s upstairs. I hope it don’t get downstairs. My house is on fire.’

The 64-year-old preacher admitted in a later Facebook live that he has ‘never seen a house burn.’

‘The house is probably pretty much destroyed,’ he said. ‘But God got us out. And, you know, God’s will always has to be done. Sometimes we don’t understand His will.’

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