Mercy Eke responds to reports that Cubana ChiefPriest sold her to Kelvin, the same man he accused Maria of stealing from.

Cubana Chief Priest, a celebrity barman, has been trending on social media since Sunday afternoon after accusing Maria, a BBNaija star, of taking his sister’s husband.

The story spread quickly, prompting a variety of reactions and counter-allegations on Nigerian social media. One of the allegations is that CubanaChiefPriest pimped out Mercy to Kelvin, the BBNaija 2019 Winner… the same man he accuses Maria of stealing.

Maria has shot down that rumor, claiming that she was never pimped out by Cubana Chief Priest.

SDK, a blogger, conducted an interview with her. It goes like this:*****

Mercy there is a viral news concerning Maria, your fellow star from big brother season 6. A blog alleges that you are also dating the Kevin that maria is accused of stealing from the sister of cubana chief priest. What is your involvement in this snatching series?

Mercy – I’m as confused as everyone else and I am telling you now that IMercy Chineyenwa Eke have never met this Kevin in my life, I don’t even know what he looks like… Someone has probably added my name in this story to divert attention from the main story but it wont work..

There are allegations also that cubana chief priest pimped you to this Kelvin and probably others. Are you denying this?

Mercy – What! … Cubana chief priest has never introduced or pimped me to any Man.. These are all lies.

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