“Red meat is a slow poison; avoid it if you want to grow,” says Reno Omokri.

Reno Omokri, a well-known writer and activist, educates the general population about the risks of eating red meat.

In an Instagram post, Reno stressed that eating red meat is a gradual poison with serious health consequences.

In support of his allegation, the self-proclaimed Buhari tormentor cited a biblical scripture that declared, in part, that “God did not create red meat to be consumed.”

Read what he wrote below;

“Eating red meat is not enjoyment. It is a slow poison. It is perhaps the number one killer of men. God did not create red meat to be eaten-Genesis 1:29. It was only after The Flood destroyed all vegetation that God permitted Noah and his family to eat red meat, because there was hardly anything left on Earth to eat-Genesis 9:3. You will notice that the only thing Christ ate after his resurrection was fish-John 21:12-14. Avoid red meat and live! Not only will you live, you will also thrive!”

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