Prison officer allegedly rapes colleague’s stranded wife

Last Monday, police detained a Thika GK prison official for reportedly rapping a stranded 21-year-old woman while pretending to be accommodating her in his home.

After failing to locate her husband, a claimed prison warder at the same prison, Amos Momanyi, a Kenyan prison official, allegedly raped the mother of one after hosting her for a night in his residence on October 4.

The woman reportedly arrived at the prison around 10 p.m. to look for her husband, but after failing to locate him, the suspect offered to assist her for the night because they shared a tribe.

A statement released after his arrest reads; 

“The accused officer volunteered to house the complainant since they come from the same region after failed attempts to trace her purported husband at the prison quarters. He went back to sleep at the guard room, leaving her in his house. During the night, the accused returned to the house wild and raped her.”

Commenting on the incident, the woman said she was searching for her husband after he failed to continue providing for their three-year-old son. She said at first the officer looked supportive, only for him to turn wild in the night

The rape victim said; 

“He left the house for me but deep in the night, he came back. He threatened to shoot me if I raised alarm. The next day, I went to the prison authorities to continue searching for my husband, but I still couldn’t trace him.”

The woman reported the incident to authorities after she was taken to Thika Police Station for help in tracing her husband. 

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