KASU suspends students who beat up NDA cadets

KASU has suspended several of its students for fighting cadets from the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) at the varsity’s new student matriculation on October 12.

According to Adamu Bargo, a spokesman for the university in Kaduna, the students beat up the cadets and wrecked their car for making advances toward a female acquaintance of a student.

“At the convocation ground, the cadets noticed a female student hanging out with a male acquaintance, and one of them tried to get her phone number, but she declined.”

“When the cadets persisted, the male companion stepped in and was slapped by one of the cadets.

“The assaulted varsity student drew the attention of other students who descended on the cadets with stones and sticks.

“The cadets tried to escape in their Toyota (Matrix) car, but the students locked the school gates and pelted the vehicle with broken pieces of interlock bricks.

“One of the cadets who couldn’t get into the car in good time was severely beaten,’’ Mr Bargo explained.

He stated that the incident was being investigated and further disciplinary actions would be meted to forestall recurrence.null

“Management will not tolerate any act of indiscipline as the university is a place where character and learning are taught,’’ he added.

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