Indian Man Jailed For Life For Killing Wife Using Live Cobra

An Indian man was sentenced to an unusual double life term after being found guilty of killing his wife by making a cobra bite her.

After his wife, Uthra, died from a snakebite last year, Sooraj Kumar was arrested.

After her family reported her assassination, police initiated an investigation, alleging that Sooraj had been harassing them for dowry.

A court found him guilty of releasing a snake onto Uthra’s bed while she slept on Monday.

In May of last year, the 25-year-old housewife was discovered dead in her home.

Because Uthra had recently been bitten by a Russell’s viper, her relatives were suspicious. When she was attacked by the cobra, she was still healing from the first snakebite.

Sooraj was suspected of being behind both assassination attempts, according to police. They also detained a man who assisted him in obtaining the snakes; he later became a “approver” and assisted authorities in putting the case together.

According to LiveLaw, an Indian law website, the police charges spanned 1,000 pages and documented Sooraj’s complex conspiracy strategy and execution.

The prosecution claimed it was a “rarest of rare cases” and sought the death penalty for the defendant.

The judge agreed that it was a rare case and awarded a double life sentence to Sooraj and also ordered him to pay a fine of 500,000 rupees ($6,635; £4,869).

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