France and Bayern Munich Defender Sentenced to Prison

A court in Madrid has ordered Lucas Hernández, a defender for Bayern Munich and France, to report to prison. The former Atlético Madrid player, who was a member of the UEFA Nations League-winning Les Bleus team that defeated Spain on Sunday evening, has been ordered to appear in person at a court hearing in Madrid on October 19 “in order to be personally requested to voluntarily enter the penitentiary center of his choice within ten days.”

Hernández is facing charges stemming from an incident on February 3, 2017, when he was arrested on suspicion of beating his then-girlfriend, Amelia de la Osa Lorente, in the middle of the street. In June 2017, Hernández and De la Osa were sentenced to 31 hours of community service, a fine, and a six-month restraining order prohibiting them from meeting, speaking, or being within 500 meters of one other.

However, four months after the restraining order was issued, Hernández and De la Osa married and honeymooned in the Bahamas. They were apprehended when they returned to Madrid Barajas airport on June 13, 2017 on a flight from Miami.

According to judicial officials, Hernández was accused with violating the restraining order and spent the night in Madrid’s Moratalaz prison. The Public Prosecutor then sought a one-year prison term for Hernández, and his lawyers’ appeal was dismissed because Lucas had previously failed to complete the 31 days of community service he was ordered to complete in 2017. The Court of Domestic Abuse in Madrid, paradoxically, discharged him.

Hernández is now facing a charge of disobedience of a judge, which is unrelated to the first assault charges.

Hernández’s attorneys have filed an appeal against the court ruling, and it would be interesting to watch if the Madrid regional high court upholds it or accepts the appeal, in which case the player will almost certainly avoid incarceration.

In any scenario, Hernández will have to show up in person to find out what will happen to him. If he is sentenced to prison, he may be released within a few days under the present legal framework, which provides that if the courts refuse to provide an alternative to prison, the individual is booked and then released if their appeal is upheld.

In any event, as far as AS can tell, Bayern Munich was fully unaware of this legal process until recently, despite Hernández being notified earlier.

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