Fake Soldier Who Rob Women After Promising to Marry Them Arrested (Photo)

Mkwatula, a 38-year-old man, was arrested for stealing from women after lying to them that he was a Malawi Defence Force member and that he would marry them.

The suspect has been professing love to ladies, cohabiting with them, and promising to marry them, according to Ntcheu Police spokesman Rabecca Kwisongole.

Mkwatula would steal items such as motorcycles, plasma TVs, speakers, telephones, duvets, and cash, according to Kwisongole, days after cohabiting with a woman.

“Three cases have been filed against him,” Kwisongole added, “and he is anticipated to appear in court soon to answer allegations of stealing and fraudulent pretence of marriage in violation of articles 278 and 161 of the Penal Code.”

Police have recovered a motorcycle, plasma TV, telephones, a speaker, and a duvet in the meantime.

The suspect is from Balaka district’s Mdala village Traditional Authority Amidu.

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