Man who claims to be a pastor nabbed after sexually assaulting a little girl and attempting to use blood from her v*gina for spiritual work to make his church grow (video)

Arinze, a Nigerian man who claims to be a pastor in training, was apprehended after he allegedly defiled a young girl and sought to use blood from her vaginal canal for spiritual purposes in order to help his church grow tremendously.

The suspect said in a video that has since gone viral that he was instructed by one Mr. Matthew to obtain the blood of a child, and that the blood would be used to assist him in performing spiritual acts to help his church grow quicker than projected.

Arinze, who was tied up in the video, stated that he met his victim, a young girl, who he fingered, and then gave her blood to Mr. Matthew, who refused it and stated that the victim is really powerful.

”I am tied because I want to have my own ministry. One Mr Matthew asked me to go and bring the blood of a child from any part of her body.”

A landlord in the area where the incident happened, filmed the suspect and recounted how the suspect was nabbed.

”This man his name is Arinze. This Arinze came to my tenants place about three weeks ago. The first time he came, he said he was looking for a house so my tenant was trying to help him. They couldn’t get a house or shop because they said it was too expensive for them

 He went to my tenant’s place. My tenant gave him food, he ate the food. Maybe he used spiritual means or something, my tenant fell asleep. She slept off. By the time she woke up, she saw one of her girls, blood was dripping from her vagina. By the time she looked around, this man had fled. 

Today, this man came. She now asked someone to hold the guy. He started making confessions that not that he slept with the girl, he only used his finger on the girl. Whether it is true or not we don’t know. The only thing we know is that the girl was defiled and he said he collected blood from the girl’s vagina. He took it to where they wanted to use it some that his church will boom.”

Watch the video below

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