In the midst of turbulence with her lover’s ex-wife, interior designer Ehi Ogbebor shares love vids with a new partner.

Ehi Ogbebor, a well-known interior designer, has resorted to social media to showcase images and videos of herself and her new boyfriend, Dennis Osifo.

This follows the online controversy between her and Dennis’s ex-wife, Cynthia, a few days ago.

Remember that Ehi made her connection with Dennis Osifo public a few days ago, and she was chastised for dating a married man, to which she responded that Dennis was divorced and had divorced Cynthia in 2018.

Cynthia was further challenged by Ehi Ogbebor to show proof that she is still married to Dennis, and she was asked if she could swear on her child’s head that she was the reason for their breakup.

On her InstaStory, the interior designer has recently shared adoring videos and photographs of herself and Dennis together.

She was also heard calling her new guy “baby” in one of the videos published.

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