“Annie is going through a lot,” people say after seeing 2face Idibia and his baby mom, Pero, in Abuja.

Pero Adeniyi, the baby mama of Nigerian music superstar 2face Idibia, has arrived in the country’s capital following the singer’s entrance in the F.C.T.

Despite the fact that they arrived at the F.C.T separately, some internet users are dragging the singer, trying to dispel rumors that their meeting in Abuja was merely a coincidence.

This comes after a woman accused Annie Idibia of reportedly crushing her husband’s head with a fire extinguisher not long ago.

According to reports, 2face was allegedly beaten in the head with a fire extinguisher by actress Annie Idibia at a hotel in Asokoro for paying too much attention to his baby mama, Pero Adeniyi.

According to the account, their brawl was so severe that soldiers intervened.

“That’s why you split his head with a fire extinguisher at Uncle Nosa’s hotel at asokoro. How you trashed a room in Wells Carlton breaking TV and mirror because you were fighting him for paying too much attention to Pero. Everything with you is violence,” the report read in part.

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