12-year-old Boy Arrested With Pistol While Shooting Sporadically in Mushin

Ademola Adio, 12, and his accomplice, Hammed Lukman, 20, were detained while shooting intermittently with a cut-to-size pistol in the Mushin region of Lagos State, generating dread.

According to reports, the event occurred at Akala Base in Mushin’s Idioro neighborhood, where they operate as bandits scaring the locals.

While they were firing, police attacked the scene, evicted them, and caught Adio and Lukman using locally built single barrel handguns with extended cartridges, while other members of the gang escaped and are currently on the run.

The accused are alleged to be members of a gang that has terrorized Mushin and its vicinity for years.

The suspects were said to be part of the gang that had been terrorizing Mushin area and its environs for a long time and had always escaped arrest until this recent arrest.

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