Men Who Specialized in Stealing and Selling Car Batteries, Copper Wires Arrested (Photos)

After apprehending one 18-year-old Matthew Izibefiezem, who specializes in stealing copper wires and selling them to scrap dealers in Yenagoa metropolis, the Bayelsa State Vigilante Service (BSVS) has proposed the identification and registration of scrap dealers and scavengers operating within the state.

The suspect sold the copper wires to a northern scrap dealer, Mr. Bubarak Abdulahi, who hails from Kano State, according to the chairman of the BSVS, Hon. Doubiye Alagba.

He claimed that their luck ran out when the two had a misunderstanding over price and payment, which sparked suspicion and led to their arrest by the Bayelsa State Vigilante Service on Saturday, October 9.

The outfit has seen the need to check and verify those who engage in scrap scavenging and buying in the State as a result of a series of complaints from residents about the activities of scrap scavengers and a number of criminals arrested by the outfit that are associated with them, according to Hon. Alagba.

He went on to say that some scrap scavenging and buying business owners support the existing high level of thievery and criminal activity in the state.

“If you want to sell scrap metal or own a scrap yard, you’ll need to show that you have no criminal history. The new law is an attempt to combat the recent rise in thievery linked to scrap dealers “he stated

In addition, Lotana Ifeogbunam of Anambra State was apprehended along the Imiringi Road while attempting to burgle a Lexus SUV in order to steal the vehicle’s battery.

According to local locals, the suspect specializes in stealing automobile batteries and selling them to scrap dealers across the state.

The suspect has been given up to the Nigeria Police Force’s Bayelsa State Command’s anti-kidnapping section, according to the BSVS.

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