BB Tega of Naija discusses how she discovered her spouse cheated on her.

Tega Dominic, a popular reality celebrity, explained in a recent interview how she discovered her spouse had cheated on her.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, the mother of one stated that she was in a trance because of her husband’s adultery, which was confirmed by word on the street.

Read what she said below;

“BBNaija was like a distraction and experiment for me after my dad’s death and my husband cheating which left me devastated.

“Yea I contemplated voluntary exit a number of times and was looking for a distraction.

“I got to know my husband cheated on me and brought the lady home.

“I’m used to talking to people in my street so I asked them about him. I got to know he brought the girl home which made me so angry and then we talked about it but it was so defensive,”

Tega went on to say that her husband’s reason for adultery had smothered her spirit.

“What really broke me was when he confronted me that I went to Lagos and that forced him to cheat.

“That made me go into BBNaija, I’m crazy but spiritual too. I had a trance about him cheating too.

“So when I got into BBNaija I told my husband that whatever he sees in the house he should just use the buzz for his business and not anything personal.”

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