Kenyan Man Burned His House, Dug His Grave and Committed Suicide

A terrifying occurrence occurred in Rwathia village, Karumandi ward, Kirinyaga County, Kenya, when a 48-year-old man set fire to his house, dug his grave, and committed suicide.

Joel Muthike was identified by eyewitnesses as the man who set fire to his semi-permanent home and reportedly used a panga (machete) to impede any attempts by members of the public to put out the fire.

Muthike was said to have turned his wrath on his livestock after the house was burned to ashes.

According to a local,

“I’ve never seen anything like it; when we tried to put out the flames, he chased us away.””

Muthike killed himself using a rope he had been using to bind his goat. His body was found swinging from a tree on his property.

Another community resident stated:

“I am astounded since I have never seen him so enraged in my life.”

Elias Murimi, his brother, stated that they intend to bury the diseased’s remains in the hole that he had begun to dig.

Murimi stated, “

“We don’t have any other choice but to bury my brother in the cemetery he dug.”

Kirinyaga East Police Commander Antony Mbogo confirmed the occurrence and said that investigations have been initiated to determine the cause.

Mbogo said the patient did not leave a suicide note and that the deceased had been living alone since his wife died a few years ago.

“He had a family,” the police chief said, “but his wife passed away.””

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