DSS Confirms Chiwetalu Agu Detention After He Was Released by Army

The Nigerian army has turned over Nollywood actress Chiwetalu Agu to the Department of State Services (DSS) for additional questioning, according to the DSS.

When approached on Saturday about the situation, DSS spokesman Peter Afunaya said the ace actor is currently in the custody of the secret police.

Although Afunaya declined to speak further on the case, he did say that the DSS will see to it that justice was served.

“The army handed him over to us for further questioning. As far as we’re concerned, justice will take its course,” he said.

The movie actor was originally apprehended by soldiers on Thursday for wearing a Biafra flag-themed attire, during which he was allegedly mistreated.

The army, on the other hand, denied assaulting the comedian, claiming that he was detained after openly expressing support for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a banned separatist organisation.

After over 24 hours in prison, he was eventually freed on Friday, a decision that generated enormous outcry on social media.

The army claimed that the actor was helping IPOB’s actions in the southeast, but the actor denied it.

He further maintained that he was merely dressed in civil attire and not in a Biafra suit as claimed.

Several Nigerians have criticised the actor’s detention by the army, as well as the DSS’s subsequent involvement.

Chiwetalu did not conduct any known criminal offense, according to human rights lawyer Inibehe Effiong, who also claimed that his arrest was unconstitutional.

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