Kenya Ban ‘Gwara Gwara’ Dance For Increasing Immorality, Teenage Pregnancy

The Kenyan government has outlawed the ‘Gwara Gwara’ dance, which has been linked to increasing immorality and early pregnancy among teenagers and young people.

According to K24, the popular Gwara Gwara in the Kacheliba sub-county of the country’s West Pokot county has been dubbed a trigger for the rising rate of early pregnancies and early marriages in the area.

The Kacheliba Deputy County Commissioner, Kennedy Kiprop, therefore, banned the dance, saying, “There is this new dance called ‘Gwara Gwara’ that is popular among the youth and which has led to immorality among them. I am banning it with immediate effect. All the chiefs and their assistants should crack the whip and arrest those found disobeying the ban.”

Since the dance became popular in the neighborhood, the administration has noticed a steady increase in the number of early pregnancies.

Early pregnancies have resulted in a rise in the number of school dropouts and early marriages.

“I am urging you locals not to allow youths in the villages to hold this dance as it is really derailing the gains we had made in educating our children, especially the girls,” Kiprop said.

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