“I’m going to tell my son about the s*x tape,” she says. – Tiwa Savage declares her willingness to talk to Jamil.

Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian singer, has revealed her decision to tell her 6-year-old son, Jamil, about her s*x tape with lover.

This follows the singer’s outburst on social media about being blackmailed by someone who has the tape.

In a recent post, Tiwa Savage stated that she would not give any money to the blackmailer and that she would tell her son about it.

Read her words below;

“No part of me wants to pay the person. That is what is getting me angry. If you want to put it out, put it out. I am that crazy that I can put it out myself. You are not making any money from me.

This was an intimate moment with someone I am dating. The person I am dating is not famous, he is a regular guy and his whole business is about to be out.

He is more concerned about me because he knows that I am going to be more affected. My mother and my son having to see it. I am going to talk to my son about it.

For me, it is when he is older at about 15 and someone is rude to him at the playground and they make reference to the tape. I have to brace him up.”

Tiwa Savage went on to explain how the video came to be.

“It is not from some working closely with me. What happened is that the person did it on snap and he posted it by accident but he quickly deleted it, however, someone got it before he could delete it. It is a very short video but it is me. It is going to be out there and I can just imagine the memes. I just found out yesterday. I could not sleep last night.

We tried to stall them but I later decided that I am going to own the narrative. I am not ashamed of it; this is someone I am dating; I am not cheating neither is he. We are grown”

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