Footballer Arrested After Kicking Referee in the Head in Vicious On-Pitch Attack

During a match in Brazil, a footballer was arrested for allegedly assaulting a referee and knocking him out.

On Monday, William Ribeiro, a state-league player for Sao Paulo RS, committed the attack while playing against Guarani.

When he viciously kicked official Rodrigo Crivellaro, who was knocked out unconscious and sent to hospital, his team had just fallen behind in the game.

Ribeiro’s cool was broken on the night, and both sets of players were forced to restrain him as he kicked a defenseless Crivellaro in a filthy manner while laying on the pitch.

An ambulance arrived on the scene swiftly and transported the referee to the hospital in Venancio Aires, near Porto Alegre in southern Brazil.

Thankfully, news later that evening confirmed he was aware while being cared for by hospital experts.
Military police detained Ribeiro inside the stadium before transporting him to the station.

The match between Sao Paulo RS and Guarani was called off with half an hour remaining and will resume at 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

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