Mother burned her eight-year-old son to death for telling his stepfather she’s cheating on him

In Russia, a mother was sentenced to prison for burning her eight-year-old son to death after he revealed to his stepfather that she had cheated on him.

Anastasia Baulina, 32, of the Kursk district near Ukraine’s border, admits to dousing her son Andrey in gasoline before lighting him on fire. Baulina had attempted to persuade a judge that she had only intended to punish and not kill Andrey by claiming that she had quickly put out the flames with snow.

Judges, however, dismissed her claims after Natalya, her 12-year-old daughter, described how it was her stepfather Pavel, 35, who put out the fire.

Baulina had made her watch while she sprayed Andrey with gasoline, Natalya recounted, before instructing her, ‘Let’s go watch how the fire burns.’

In a reenactment that was filmed by police, Baulina demonstrated on a plastic dummy how she poured petrol over Andrey’s head. She then struck three matches which all blew out, before successfully lighting a fourth which she threw at his jumper.

She recounted how Andrey had run screaming into the garden and fallen down on his hands and knees before claiming she covered him with snow.

Despite Andrey’s hands being on fire, Baulina said she helped him douse the flames. But Natalya gave a very different account, saying it was actually Pavel who put the fire out after he heard the boy’s screams and came running from inside the house

Meanwhile Baulina screamed at the boy: ‘I will teach you to keep your mouth shut.’

Natalya added that Andrey had begged his mother ‘please, don’t’ before she lit the match, but she had ignored his pleas.  

Andrey was rushed to hospital but died in agony the following day as he was being taken by ambulance to a specialist burns unit.  

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