Lady disclosed the length her Muslim bridesmaids went to be there for her at her Catholic wedding

A lady has disclosed the extent her Muslim best friends, whom she made her bridesmaids, who came to be there for her during her Catholic wedding.

The lady with Twitter handle @gechife, revealed that her Muslim friends wore the same dress as her other bridesmaids but put on Hijab and underskirt to suit their religious beliefs.

She strengthened that they also observed the full Catholic mass just to be there for her on her unique day.

Bringing to Twitter to post a picture of herself and her bridesmaids, read what she wrote below;

“Two of my closest friends are Muslim. They were my bridesmaids – not only did these ladies sit through a Catholic mass, they wore same dress but just adapted it with Hijab and underskirt. They did all this to be there for me as a sister.”

Lady reveals

This showed up after a Nigerian groomsman announced that he stormed out of his Best friend’s wedding after the officiating minister instructed him to discard his earrings.

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