Bandits Invade Emir of Kagara’s Palace in Niger

Gunmen allegedly stormed the palace of the Emir of Rafi Local Government Area in Niger State on Tuesday.

Around 6 p.m., gunmen stormed the palace, according to reports.

The attackers arrived on around 20 motorcycles, each carrying three people, and opened fire randomly to intimidate the locals.

Hearing the occasional gunshots, many traders at the Kagara market abandoned their wares and fled for safety.

Residents have fled to the jungle for protection, according to a source, to avoid being kidnapped or killed by the armed attackers.

“This evening, armed guys arrived on twenty motorcycles via the Madaka route, where the Kagara boys were taken a few months ago. The Emir’s Palace and the Kagara market were attacked. People were frantically rushing for their lives. We shouted out to the security services, and they responded by arriving to assist us. Many people have fled their homes and sought sanctuary in the woods.

“The situation has deteriorated as a result of the clogged network. “We have no idea what is going on,” the insider said.

According to report, the Emir of Kagara, Alh Ahmed Garba Gunna Attahiru II, was not in the palace during the attack because he had been gone from the town for some time.

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