Woman in Labour Falls Off Delivery Bed and Dies While Nurses Slept

A pregnant woman in labour has reportedly fallen off her bed and died. The nurses monitoring her were said to be asleep when the incident happened.

The deceased, Ann fell off a hospital bed in Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State while she was in labour.

She was rushed to the hospital after she began feeling labour pains in the night, a report monitored on Punch revealed.

However, the nurses on duty slept off after the lady’s guardian went home to get some items for the mother and child.

The guardian returned from the hospital to find the deceased on the floor dead while the nurses were asleep.

A video recording making the rounds in Delta state shows the deceased lying on the ground while the person making the video condemned the action of the medical personnel in the hospital.

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  1. This is too bad ehn what is all this rubbish just imagine, that hospital should be closed for life and those nurses jail for life nonessential nonsense.

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