Security guard stops rape after seeing attack on CCTV and shouting over microphone

“Get off her, she’s drunk,” a security guard shouted over a Tannoy after observing a date rape attack on CCTV.

Turkey Al-Turkey, 26, knocked the woman out and dragged her off a park bench to rape her on the grass.

Richard Arnold, a security guard, noted she was “totally lifeless” and used the Tannoy to inform Al-Turkey that he had dialed 999.

The university graduate, 24, has no memory of the attack in Swansea, South Wales, police believe Al-Turkey used a date rape drug on her.

Al-Turkey, who is originally from Iraq, was sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison on July 18 after admitting to rape.

The couple bought vodka and walked to the beachfront promenade, despite the fact that the woman was a non-drinker, Swansea Crown Court heard.

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